Why Oman

Oman is among the few countries in the world that are considered ideal for long-term investments. It is marked by modern infrastructure; a strong industrial base; a liberal investment environment; an export-oriented economy; a stable government with transparent corporate governance; the presence of institutions that protect investors and ensure their access to the market; attractive corporate tax and tax holidays; and laws and regulations that encourage enterprise.

Business Infrastructure and Services

Oman has the necessary infrastructure and facilities in place to cater to companies looking for the proper environment to place their investments.


A large number of new hotel projects are being implemented and in the pipeline, which cater to the business and tourist sectors alike.

The Royal Opera House

The 80,000-square-meter Royal Opera House, comprising a commercial souq, five-star restaurants, coffee shops, high-end boutiques, lifestyle retail outlets, and an art exhibition gallery, will pave the way toward making Oman be known as a cultural destination that strongly supports and recognizes the importance of tradition, heritage and the arts.

Oman Convention & Exhibition Center

The new exhibition center, which will include a five-star convention hotel, exhibition halls, car parks, and an energy center, will be an important landmark that will attract investors. It will also enhance the potential investors’ confidence as it will complement their commercial, industrial, and tourism activities.

Free Zones

The growth of the industrial sector is strengthened by a network of industrial estates, parks and free zones. The presence of free zones has led to the development of industries as the foundation for expansion of downstream activity.


The scale of investment across Oman’s transport sector is resulting in a high-quality internal transport network allied to strong external links, enhancing access to national and international markets. Presently, Oman boasts of excellent roads, a fully equipped international airport with other airport expansion and renovation and building projects in the pipeline, a number of domestic air terminals and ultra-modern port facilities.