Our Events

These events are aimed at providing companies the opportunity to boost their sales and marketing efforts through direct interaction and networking; promote their existing and new products, services, and technologies in the local, regional and global markets; and strengthen their presence in these markets.

OGWA is a biennial international exhibition and conference that brings together local and international oil and gas companies from the GCC and around the globe, technology and service providers, equipment suppliers, and other companies directly serving the industry's requirements. It is a platform for discussing the latest developments and directions of the industry, as well as for local and international oil and gas companies to gain access to trade and business opportunities in the current market. Launched in 1998, it has since been under the patronage of the Ministry of Oil & Gas and has consistently received the support of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Oman LNG, and many other leading oil and gas companies. OGWA was granted "UFI-Approved Event" status by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry in 2010. It is recognized as one of the most important energy events in the Middle East region.


Oman Downstream Exhibition & Conference is a dedicated platform for showcasing products, services and capabilities in the downstream petroleum sector. It is designed to deliver key buyers to Oman's growing refining and petrochemical industries supporting Oman's sales and marketing base and create a forum aligned with the government's growth plans. The exhibition is a showcase for global manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers representing all of the key sectors within the refining and petrochemical industry. The Conference is a discussion and knowledge-sharing platform focusing on the market trends, developments, projects, technology and innovation in the sector.

energy and water oman

The Oman Energy & Water Exhibition & Conference is an international event dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy and transmission and distribution, and water-related industries. It is designed to be a platform for stakeholders to discuss real issues and solutions to the energy and water challenges and opportunities in Oman. In 2017, it was internationally certified as a "UFI-Approved International Event" by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

Oman Waste Management & Environmental

Oman Waste and Environmental Services (OWES) Exhibition and Conference is Oman's largest environmental event. It is designed to address major environmental challenges in Oman, including but not limited to solid waste management, industrial waste management, sewage, air pollution, water pollution, ecological degradation, green buildings, climate change, environmental management and environmental awareness. The exhibition serves as a solid platform to showcase the latest products in environmental monitoring, industrial pollution abatement, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, recycling and waste-to-energy, aiming to become a key environmental sourcing hub for the entire GCC region.

Oman Minerals & Mining Exhibition & Conference

Oman Mining Expo is an international event that highlights the potential of mineral and mining industries in Oman in relation to the country's current industrial development and the government's initiatives towards developing mining activities in the Sultanate's industrial areas. The Conference aims to serve as a venue to introduce and discuss new technologies being used to uncover significant mineral deposits throughout Oman, best practices, emerging opportunities, present case studies, and address issues and challenges facing the sector.


The BIG Show (Builders International Gathering) is an annual international exhibition that caters to the building and construction industry in Oman, the Middle East and global markets. It features an extensive range of the latest building materials, construction equipment, wood machinery, interior furnishings and other products, equipment and technology for building and construction operations. It was launched as Interiors and Buildex in 2002 and rebranded The BIG Show in 2010 to further strengthen its image and market positioning. The annual exhibition provides a platform for local and international companies to take advantage of major opportunities in the industry as well as to learn about the developments in the local and global markets. In 2009, it was given recognition as a "UFI-Approved Event" by UFI-the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The BIG Show is the biggest and most important building and construction event in Oman.

Interior Design Oman

Interior Design Oman (IDO) is a d├ęcor, design and lifestyle exhibition happening alongside The BIG Show Oman. It covers the spectrum of products and services required for the design, fit out, and upgrade of residential, hospitality, office, and retail spaces. It features three sub-sectors: Artisan, which features a variety of designer, modern, and ethnic handmade crafts and objets d'arts; Contemporary Collection, which focuses on contemporary furniture design; and Sleep, which showcases bedding, mattresses, linen, and related furnishing, fittings and accessories.

Oman Real Estate Expo

Oman Real Estate Exhibition (OREX) is the first of its kind trade and investment platform in Oman for local and international companies. It is a contemporary annual exhibition designed for developers, architects, contractors, consultants and other industry professionals, stakeholders and companies to expand their target audiences and business, present their products and services, tap new markets and learn about the developments in the local and global markets.


The Oman International Motor Show or Motor Show Oman is a biennial international event that showcases the latest car models from globally known major automotive brands and various types of auto parts, accessories, and car products and services. It is an ideal destination for car buyers and those who want to know about the latest developments in the auto industry. First organized in 1990, Motor Show Oman pioneered other automotive shows in the Sultanate, making it the flagship event in Oman for the industry. In 2009, it received approval as a "UFI-Approved Event" by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. From 2010 onwards, new and innovative features and concepts such as a classic cars competition, the Outdoor Adventure Zone that included drifting demonstrations, Red Bull FMX shows, and a driving challenge, were added in order to meet the demands of this emerging sector as well as to provide entertainment value to the show.


Food & Hospitality Oman is an annual international exhibition that focuses on Oman's food and hospitality industry. It showcases food and beverage, hotel equipment and supplies, kitchen and catering equipment, food packaging products, and food processing technologies, and other related products and services. It was launched as Food Expo in 2005, rebranded in 2009 to Food & Hotel Oman, and in 2012, to Food & Hospitality Oman, as result of the fast-growing food, hospitality and tourism markets in Oman and in the Middle East region. In 2010, it was certified as a "UFI-Approved Event". Food & Hospitality Oman is recognized as the biggest event in Oman for the food and hospitality industry.

oman health expo

Oman Health Exhibition & Conference is an annual international trade event that highlights the rapid and continuous advancements of the health and medical sector in Oman. It is a common platform that brings together different segments of the health and medical industry to explore new opportunities, showcase the latest technologies, services and facilities, and leverage potential for trade and investment. The Conference is aligned with the government's Health Vision 2050 and aimed at addressing the challenges as well as discussing initiatives to improve the sector. It was launched in October 2009 as MedHealth & Wellness as a major healthcare exhibition in Oman and served as the pioneer event focusing on health, medicine and fitness and as a launchpad for various conferences and fora in the Sultanate. The event was granted "UFI-Approved Event status" by UFI-The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry in 2012.


Oman Minerals & Mining Exhibition & Conference

Oil, Gas & Mines East Africa is an international event that will feature a two-day conference and associated trade exhibition. It is aimed at providing a platform for professionals, companies and stakeholders to learn and understand the growth potentials of the countries in the East Africa region and showcase the newest products, services and technologies of companies in order to encourage business, improve their operations, and attract investment. The event leverages the interest in the growing oil, gas and mining sectors in East Africa.


East Africa Utilities Expo is an international exhibition designed to provide a platform for professionals, companies and stakeholders from the power, water and waste management sectors to take advantage of the fast-increasing number of business and investment opportunities in the East Africa region. It is also a venue for them to showcase their products, services, knowledge and expertise in order to help expand businesses, tap new and existing markets, build new business relationships and improve the trade and the industries as a whole.


The BIG Show East Africa exhibition leverages the rapid economic growth of the countries in East Africa and their huge potential in the construction, transport infrastructure and securities sector. It features an extensive range of products and services for these sectors' operations. The exhibition is an offshoot of the established The BIG Show Oman.



International Trade Exhibition Iran (Trade Iran) is an international trade event that aims to help countries export their products, develop new markets, and promote their industries by serving as a platform for trade and commerce in Iran. Trade Iran aims to strengthen economical relations between Iran and other countries. It targets key sectors or industries which are identified as having the capacity and capability to produce high-quality products for export and are potential areas of investment.

Managed Events


MEALF was established for the purpose of creating a platform to effectively promote the use of artificial lift technology in the Middle East oil industry and facilitate sharing of knowledge and best practices among artificial lift users, suppliers, and operators and researchers, and to provide innovative solutions to enhance application of technology capabilities to meet the requirements of the industry. MEALF has been held since 2004.
It serves as:
As a platform for technology sharing in the region
As a venue for the exchange of ideas and experience
To promote a sense of community among artificial lift users
As a platform for technology sharing in the region
To improve production efficiency and operating practices by focusing on regional problems and solutions in artificial lifting.

International Conference on Marine Invasive Species

More than 35 speakers from the biggest institutes and universities from around the world
Participation of international environment experts and researchers from Australia, Germany, Iran, Russia, the Netherlands and the US
Over 300 delegates from Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sweden, Russia, UAE, the US, and many more

Traffic Safety Expo

The only national event of its kind to be held in the Sultanate of Oman.
Joint efforts are made by the Royal Oman Police and the private sector, contributing to the accident reduction in the country, with efforts being continuously placed in achieving Goal Zero.
The exhibition provides exhibitors an exclusive opportunity to meet senior government officials, senior police representatives, fire and rescue safety officers, policy makers, industry executives, engineers, fleet managers, safety professionals and general public.

GCC Power Conference & Exhibition

GCC Power Conference & Exhibition is a high-level gathering of senior Ministry representatives, regulators, governing bodies from around the region dedicated to the GCC's power sector.
The conference will combine keynote presentations from the regions' experts, policy makers and global companies regarding the current and future issues affecting the electricity sector in the GCC. The exhibition will be a showcase of electrical equipment by power companies across the region.

OPAL Oil & Gas Conference

The OPAL Oil & Gas Conference was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Oil & Gas. It provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the oil and gas industry, current challenges and business opportunities, and allows companies to acquire and expand valuable business contacts in fuel and energy companies.
It is a platform for stakeholders and professionals to discuss the latest challenges, market developments and opportunities in Oman's energy industry.