Omanexpo Webinars

Due to the global economic slowdown, it is more important than ever for businesses to stay connected with existing customers, grow networks, acquire new prospects, build data connections, and strengthen brand recall. With the current restrictions on live events, it is difficult for companies to generate new leads, establish relations, create awareness and build a strong network.

To address the challenges, Omanexpo provides solutions to enable business continuity and growth. The Omanexpo Webinars offer opportunities to connect with specific target groups, share product information, educate audience, and interact with new and existing clients by means of Webinars.

Why Omanexpo?

Hosting Webinars can be exhausting without the correct know-how of technology, resources, market expertise, etc. With a legacy of organising events across various industry segments, Omanexpo holds strong experience in connecting exhibitors and visitors to meet their business needs. Our access to hundreds of thousands of businesses and decision makers enables you to effectively reach out to your clients through our trusted Webinar platform.

From setting up the technical backend to curating content, speaker acquisition and delegate promotion, Omanexpo Webinar service provides end-to-end solutions to successfully run Webinars and achieve ultimate results of business growth.

The benefits of participating in a webinar include: